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Essentially ShadeFix Shadeports provide various solutions for cooling and protection. ShadeFix Shadeport solutions protect vehicles and property from the natural and harsh elements that are caused by the weather such as the sun, frost, rain and hail. ShadeFix offers a variety of shade solutions that are available in a wide selection of different colours and our shadeports carry a 7-year warranty, especially against the sun. Our range of products include Shadeports. Carports and Awnings for all industries including residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural.

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Shadefix Shadeport Products

ShadeFix Shade Sails

ShadeFix Shade Sails

Shadefix Shade Sails look smart and is the ideal solution for providing shade in certain areas around your home, office or can be used for certain applications in the hospitality sector. Shadefix Shade Sails provide the ultimate protection from the harmful UV rays for your staff …

ShadeFix Shadeports

Shadefix Shadeports

ShadeFix Shadeports are the best on the market for shade against the sun providing an all weather protection. ShadeFix Shadeports only manufacture good quality Shadeports which can further be customized and used in any sector including residential, commercial …

ShadeFix Shade Cloth

Shadefix Shade Cloth

The ShadeFix shade cloth range is the most fashionable, offering long lasting protection against the sun and other elements. ShadeFix shade cloth allows heat to escape, while at the same time, blocking the suns harmful UV rays. Get ShadeFix shade cloth to suit your style …

ShadeFix Shade Netting

Shadefix Shade Netting

ShadeFix shade netting is mainly used in the agricultural, domestic, industrial, civil and mining industries. ShadeFix shade netting is manufactured using only the best high-density polyethene, pigments and ultra violet inhibitors. Get ShadeFix shade netting …